Catching up with Isabel Hidalgo, Cohort 1

Kelly/Strul scholar Isabel Hidalgo is only one semester from graduation. We sat down with Isabel, part of the first class of students accepted into the program, as she reflected on her experience at FAU and shared her future plans.

What classes have you enjoyed the most?

Well, at this point, my history classes have been the most enjoyable for me which is, honestly, probably an obvious answer since my major is History. I really enjoyed a class I took with Dr. Norman on Historic Preservation, where our final “exam” was to visit the Old Floresta neighborhood of Boca Raton and fill out Historic Preservation forms to help keep the houses on the historic homes list.

I also loved Historical Methods. I conducted my own original research at physical archives in Broward County for Methods and have conducted original research from digital archives and the Wimberly Library’s special collections for Seminar.

Tell us about your internships.

In the summer of 2018, I was an intern at the Old Davie School and Historical Museum. It was an experience that allowed me to work in very different and intriguing aspects of the museum. It also gave me a chance to understand what I liked (curatorial and docent-led tours are my favorites). It was a great experience overall, and I continue to volunteer with them at different events.

This spring, I will be doing a short internship with Wimberly Library’s Special Collections. I am very excited to work in an official internship capacity with them, as I have been volunteering regularly in the archive for the past two and a half years. I am very excited to continue to help there and learn even more from them!

What has been your favorite experience at FAU

It’s honestly hard to choose. I have had so many great experiences due to the support of the program and the people who are a part of it. I’ve been making friends more easily, coming out of my shell in ways I never imagined I could, finding my voice and my passions in the work I do, and learning something new every day.

How was your study abroad trip to Italy?

I did my study abroad to Venice, Italy for six weeks last summer. I never thought [traveling] was something I’d be able to do and that the program helped me accomplish [it]. It was amazing to live abroad, to learn a language directly with the people who spoke it, to see a mountain and snow for the first time, and to be in a part of the world I had been longing to see since I read The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke as a ten-year-old. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had!

What’s next after graduation?

Most people would take a break, but I have found that a master’s degree is quite useful for my chosen career path in museum and public history work, so I’m going straight for grad school! I’ll be applying this upcoming spring semester, as well as applying for a teaching assistantship. I’m very excited for what the future holds and am so thankful for everyone, especially the Kelly/Strul Emerging Scholars Program.

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