Angie Joseph

Angie Joseph

Curating a Canvas for Future Students

Originally from Naples, Florida, Angie Joseph graduated top of her high school class with a 5.23 GPA and was heavily involved in numerous clubs and organizations. Studious, dedicated and creative, Angie was certain she wanted to pursue a college degree and recalls a difficult conversation she had with her family about their financial challenges. Bottom line: Her parents couldn’t afford to send her to university without loans or scholarships.

Soon after acceptance to FAU, Angie was intrigued by an email from the financial aid office introducing the Kelly/Stul Emerging Scholars program and urging her to apply. She did and was thrilled to be accepted as one of the first four Kelly/Strul students. Since then, she’s blossomed as an FAU Owl.

“I’m so grateful to the program for giving me the opportunity to receive a college education and allow me to focus solely on school,” Angie said.

A double major in fine arts and mathematics, with a minor in economics, Angie aspires to launch a nonprofit that provides artistic outlets for children, especially those with developmental disabilities. As a long-time Best Buddies volunteer, she’s seen firsthand how art can have a significant impact on young people’s lives.

When not in class, Angie uses her economics know-how as a member of FAU’s beneficiary student board committee, overseeing funding for on-campus programs. In addition, she was recently invited to present her artwork to students and staff at the Honors College Research Symposium.

“The Kelly/Strul program has opened doors for me in all aspects of my life, from meeting other first-generation students to reassuring my love for art and encouraging me to pursue it,” Angie said.

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